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Passionate People and Bold Ideas Welcome

If you are hard worker with an entrepreneur mindset who enjoys a fast-paced work experience with flexibility and autonomy (coupled with the support of a company and team with industry-leading experience, buying power and reputation), Bird-in-Hands Farms is likely the right fit for you.

When you work with the leader in protein and poultry procurement and sales, you also reap the benefits of deep supplier relationships and access to a broad product portfolio.

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Our team of poultry sales representatives and protein procurement leaders across the United States works together to share insights and knowledge, but also has a deep commitment to respect one another’s supply and customer relationships. Our company culture is built on trust and providing our team with the balance of autonomy to manage their work with the support and resources they need to excel.

We’re in the Business of Creating Opportunity

At Bird-in-Hands Farms, what started with poultry jobs has grown into a national protein sales and supply network that continues to expand and grow to meet our clients’ changing needs. While protein sales and poultry careers remain a key part of what we offer, there’s also a range of entrepreneurial opportunities to explore. If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea for partnership, we want to hear from you. Our growth has been powered by a commitment to blaze trails and we’re always open to discuss the next great opportunity.

If you have an idea for partnership or are seeking to align with a trusted company to grow, contact company president Ted Bloom at 717-291-5855 or via email to start a conversation.

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