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Why Bird-in-Hand Farms?

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For a Better Buying Experience, Trust Bird-in-Hand

In all we do – our commitment is to deliver for our clients. From securing the product that best fits each client’s individual needs to ensuring it gets there when they need it, our focus is on providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

One call to Bird-in-Hand Farms connects you with an integrated network of protein and poultry processors and suppliers across the United States and to a team who carefully monitors the market and understands how today’s shifts in fuel and feed will impact the protein, poultry and turkey industry pricing in the future. We care about helping our clients buy smart for the best value and because we’re not tied to any individual protein or chicken industry supplier, we can deliver unbiased insight to drive informed buying and selling decisions.

At Bird-in-Hand Farms, we take the trust our clients place in us seriously. We recognize our ability to deliver impacts our clients’ ability to keep their operations running. Coming through for our clients is what we do. We’ve helped partners of all sizes secure billions of pounds of proteins and we leverage our scale and buying power to access product, even when it’s hard to find.

From chicken wholesale and turkey wholesale to a range of poultry, beef, pork and cheese, our team of poultry sales and protein specialists has direct experience in the industries we serve and knows the demands our clients face. If you’re looking for a partner who can add value to your bottom line and deliver predictability and peace of mind to your operations, reach out. We look forward to learning about your protein needs.

Why Bird-in-Hand Farms?



We’ve helped thousands of clients of all sizes get the right product at the right price, to deliver at the right time – giving you peace of mind.



We’ve helped thousands of clients of all sizes get the right product at the right price, at the right time – giving you peace of mind.



Our ability to deliver keeps your operations running and is our #1 priority. When you need a partner you can trust, count on Bird-in-Hand Farms.

Case Studies / Client Stories

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From New Vendor to Trusted Partner

A potential partner with a need to source NAE, vegetable-fed chicken for a new project reached out to the Bird-in-Hand Farms team following a referral from a long-term customer, who assured them our team could be counted on for fairly priced, quality options that would be delivered on time. While the new partner knew what they needed to source, their knowledge of the chicken market was limited. The Bird-in-Hand Farms team guided the new client through the buying process and delivered value-added insight with each transaction about the industry. Three years later, Bird-in-Hand Farms has more than quadrupled their business with the client as their business has continued to grow, moving from a new relationship to a trusted, long-term partnership.

Turkey jerky

Strategic Purchasing For a Major Promotion

A turkey jerky producer requested support to purchase one million pounds of raw materials for a nationwide promotion featuring their retail products. Because the raw material could be frozen, Bird-in-Hands Farms was able to structure a purchasing strategy that included purchases over time optimized in alignment with the market. The end result was the successful delivery of a quality product at an optimized price that allowed the promotion to be executed seamlessly.

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Creative Solutions to Supply Challenges

A major retailer with over 300 locations nationwide approached Bird-in-Hand Farms for help securing a new tray pack supplier. The retailer had exhausted their primary supply chain and was in need of new vendors to meet their needs. Bird-in-Hand was able to look outside the retailer’s core geographic region to locate and confirm new suppliers who could successfully deliver on the retailer’s fresh tray pack chicken needs.

Ready for a better buying experience?

Reach out to connect with the team to discuss how we can deliver value across your protein buying needs.

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